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Leverage Your Time and Supercharge your
Access, Influence and Fulfillment at Work
What if you were better known and had a huge, influential network?
What would change for you?
Do you know the biggest obstacle that holds you back from having
EVEN MORE success?
You're held back from achieving your TRUE potential because you don't have access to the right people who know you,  respect you and are willing to help you!

Are you frustrated that others keep getting promoted, and so you feel like your career is not moving fast enough? 

Are you frustrated that other, seemingly less-qualified people keep getting all the  notoriety and are seen as the go-to person in your community?

Do you feel like your prospects don't even notice you and they ignore your calls?

Whatever you want to achieve, you are only ONE CONNECTION away from making it happen!
Here's why you may be stuck and not getting the results you desire when networking..
Professionals are often taught only part of the networking equation, or worse, given bad advice that doesn't fit their personality. That kills confidence and makes networking feel one-sided or icky.

Plus, you may be caught in the social media trap - thinking DM's, posts and commenting online is enough. It's not!

Knowing lots of people and being popular are not the same as knowing the right people and being able to leverage new opportunities to be profitable.

Very popular people have confided in me that they aren't getting referrals or business from their volunteer efforts.

Really, why would you go to boring networking events if you're not getting value from them or you don't enjoy the activities?

There are lots of opportunities to create strong professional connections away from boring events or coffee meetings.

If you really want to grow, you likely need to spread your wings to a whole new level. To do that, you need the right skills, perspective and strategy...and that's what I'm here to give you!
If you are a service provider, business owner or professional who relies on face-to-face connections and have BIG expectations of yourself to SUCCEED and CONTRIBUTEthen you need a connection strategy.  
Since 2006, I have been showing professionals exactly what to do to get connected. My concepts go well beyond the typical "show up, be nice and follow up." These are all important ingredients, but you need more than that if you want to be a LEADER IN YOUR COMMUNITY / INDUSTRY and truly experience the fulfillment that comes from having a strong, loyal professional network.
Learning to network and building confidence so I could connect with senior leaders was NOT easy for me.
That's why I know you can discover your path too!
A corporate client offered me a  bet. They didn't think their accountants could learn to network because you have to be "born with it." I WON!!
I know you can learn because I was awful at networking when I started my career. Even so, I knew the power of a network and was committed to find the answers - that I am putting online for you.

Ultimately, creating a network led to my work in the media, politics and volunteer roles. Plus, it's allowed me the good fortune to work with amazing businesses - from Fortune 500s to associations to start-up tech companies.
Here's a bit about my work...
Networking is just one area that I share with audiences and my coaching clients. My mission is to help people step into their true brilliance and not let the obstacles that get in their way stop them from reaching their full potential.

Not having connections is one of the major reasons people live small. I know, because I did too.

I let fear hold me back for years. My first event, I was so scared, I made my parents come with me. That morning changed my life. It took years to build a network and grow confidence. Then the job offers came, the opportunities came and ultimately, my business started to flourish..

Everything is easier when you have connections -
now let's give you the answers to get them!
The 4 Pillars of Profitable Networking....
Online Training Program!!!
This is the most comprehensive online networking training program for professionals with massive potential who just need the path to make the right connections and tools to build a reputation as an influencer.

You'll discover how to master in-person networking by tonight!
Here's what you'll get in this online training program...
The 4 Pillars of Profitable Networking
Formulas, Frameworks and Insights
Discover the secrets to a fulfilling professional network.  No longer just have one piece of the puzzle, get it all.
  • Pillar 1: Perspective, understand the big picture of relationships, trust, loyalty and sales versus networking.
  • Pillar 2: Influence your personal brand so that your reputation supports your future goals.
  • ​Pillar 3: Discover the secrets to maximizing events, remembering names and mingling like a pro, so you can walk into any room with confidence.
  • Pillar 4: Map a strategic plan about who to meet, where to meet them and how to find or create networking opportunities that you'll actually enjoy. 
Over 4 Hours of Video Training On-Demand, Mobile Friendly and in Bite-Sized Pieces
Over 4 Hours of Video Training On-Demand, Mobile Friendly and in Bite-Sized Pieces
Me, a flip chart and you. 

It's not fancy, but it's effective.

I'll walk you through each pillar of profitable networking. There is nothing else you'll need to know to accelerate your journey to influential leader today.

Total flexibility: watch in order or skip right to the modules to get your burning questions answered.
Worksheets to Support Your Discovery
Worksheets to Support Your Discovery
Be sure the content sticks, is 100% relevant to you and is easy for you to apply ASAP.

The worksheets will walk you through certain ideas and sections, so that you can create your own road map to being connected.
AND, on this page only,
you will get some awesome bonuses
that you can't find anywhere else....
Bonus #1: Keynote
The Path to Profitable Relationships
For the first time ever, I'm putting up one of my most popular keynotes in its entirety. It walks you through the 4 motivations  to create loyal relationships and how to maximize time and money to leverage your efforts.

Clients pay between $5000 - $12,000 for me to present LIVE at their events and you're getting this for FREE!
Bonus #2: Trust Video
The 4 Times in a Relationship that Will Make or Break Trust.
(Video + Audio)
Learn the 4 magic moments in a relationship that will most heavily impact the level of trust between you and another.
Bonus #3: One-on-One Coaching Call
30 Minute Coaching Call
This is a limited offer based on availability so act fast before this bonus gets deleted! It will be up to you what we cover in our appointment. Come with a specific challenge and we'll work through it to find you an answer!
Now it's time for you to make your decision....
Are You Going to Invest Wisely?
This is a long letter.

So, if you're still reading, then I'm super excited, because that means you "get it."

Creating relationships doesn't have to be complicated - but it does need to be done in an effective way if you want to be the best possible version of yourself.

This program is the foundation of what that takes and I can't wait to share it with you!

Remember, you're just one connection away from whatever you want more of in your life...

Let's make that a reality for you!

-Allison "Excited to Be Working With You" Graham
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Go through this whole program, and believe it doesn't have
more than ten times the $97 of value, then I'll refund your money!
    To Recap, Here's Everything You'll Get...
    • Full Lifetime Access to the 4 Pillars of Profitable Networking Training Course (corporately valued at $997 per person)
    • ​Worksheets to assist with your learning.
    • ​Over 4 hours of video training content. 
    • ​​PLUS BONUS #1: The Path to Profitable Networking (Keynote Value $10,000)
    • ​PLUS BONUS #2: The Trust Moments (priceless)
    • PLUS BONUS #3: COACHING CALL WITH ME! (Value $497 and FYI - you can't get this anywhere else. I no longer offer one-off coaching calls as they are reserved for my ongoing monthly retainer clients)
    But today, you're getting all of this...
    For Only For $197
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